2022 Sales Kickoff

Calendars, Journals, Templates, & Printables

Done for You! Ready for Your Own Branding!

Everything Included for ONLY $47

Yes, just $47 right now!

The New Year is upon us, customers and creatives are wanting to start 2022 off with a Fresh Start, after two years of being cooped up. Your customers will be making plans to travel, attend sporting events, concerts, plan their children’s activities, and the list goes on.

The 2022 Kickoff Bundle was created to help you KICKSTART your online shops to sell and promote quickly. 2022 is a great year to start creating your passive income streams.

Done-For-You Calendars, Journals, Planners, and Printables are ready to add your branding, to easily upload to your store and e-commerce platforms: Shopify, Etsy, Website, LuLu, and KPD, plus share them on ALL your Social Media Platforms.

There are unlimited Mix & Match possibilities to create and sell unique, beautiful, inspirational, and stand-out products your customers will enjoy using.

A simple process to follow when using templates and done-for-you products:

  • Step One: Write down your inspirational and creative ideas considering your audience.
    • Decide the order of the pages and what you will add or delete, this will save you time and keep you focused on the end results, having everything planned and organized.
    • Decide how many different products you will repurpose from one template, or done-for-you product.
  • Step Two: Upload the template(s) to your favorite graphic software – Canva, PicMonkey, PowerPoint, Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, and start having fun being creative.
    • Or simply add your branding to the done-for-you calendars, journals, printables, and planners. Poof be done, easy peasy!
  • Step Three: Pick a color palette, design elements, and graphics you want to use on your new printable or digital product.
  • Step Four: Start creating and repurposing!
  • Step Five: Start promoting, marketing, selling, and making money with your newly created products.

Beautiful and Colorful Calendars are always being searched for, and now is the time to start promoting 2022 Calendars.

Journals, Planners, Printables, and Calendars come with PLR/Commercial Rights; 300 DPI, PNG’s, and PDF’s.

2022 printable calendar template
300 DPI, Transparent PNG – White Background Display Purpose

2022 Done for You Colorful Geometric Calendar – 11 x 8.5 inches Landscape

2022 geo printable calendar

Ideas on how to market, promote, and sell your new products.

  • Rename the products and create 30/60/90/180 day journals.
  • Combine, mix and match the journal pages for unique products.
  • Give a gift to your valuable customers, everyone loves unexpected gifts, plus they feel appreciated.
  • Sell the journals, calendars, planners, and printables as a product and add a 30-day journal as an unexpected gift.
  • Do a survey with your customers and give one of the products as a thank you gift, to those who return the survey filled in. Great way to get to know what your customers want to purchase – their likes, dislikes, needs, and wants.
  • Add gratitude, a quote, bible verses, and or affirmation prompts to the done for you journal pages.
  • Print several of these done for you products to sell at craft, business, school, or speaking events.
  • Give as gifts – go to your local office supply store and have them printed on heavy textured stationery paper – a gift that keeps on giving. Mail to a few of your loyal customers, who doesn’t like getting a surprise in the mail.
  • Use for yourself and/or create a personal gift for that special person in your life.
  • You can schedule products to publish weekly, biweekly, or monthly to consistently build your brand, and passive income streams.
  • Great way to quickly build up and kickstart your shop and e-commerce platforms with products already done for you.
  • Done-for-you products allow you time to promote and market the products you have in your shops and on e-commerce platforms.
  • Combine and repurpose with other templates you invested in.
  • Turn these into print-on-demand products.
  • Create marketing materials using the product images.
  • Continue to build your email list, offering one of the done for you products as a lead magnet.
  • Think about all the time you will save using done-for-you products. Let someone else do the creating as you promote, sell and start making money online.
  • The possibilities are unlimited…

2022 6″x 9″ Calendar Template

Ready for you to add your own imagination, creativity, and graphic design elements.

300 DPI, PNG Transparent

2022 printable calendar template
Transparent – White Background Display Purposes

The printable planners are perfect evergreen products, to help build your shop, as you create streams of passive income. Sell as one-page printables or bundle them up.

printable planners
printable schedule planner
printable weekly monthly planners

Ideas to kickstart your inspiration, repurposing the templates and done-for-you products.

Here are a few ideas you can apply to these done-for-you products and templates. Have fun as you design new products to fit your audience and the end-user. The possibilities are endless.

printables, journals ,planners

Done for You Planner Printables.

Variety of Planners

planner templates plr
Design Your Own Product Templates. 300 DPI, PNG Transparent.
plr planner templates
blue planner template
green planner templates
Brilly Notes Font Used *Fonts Not Included
plr printable monthly planner
purple plr planner template
plr purple planner templates
plr printables, journals ,planners
pink teal planner templates
pink teal planner templates

Calendars with Coordinating Journals

2022 printable calendar flowers
printable ice cream journal
2022 printable ice cream calendar
plr ice cream journal
2022 printable calendar coloring
plr journal templates
2022 printable unicorn calendar
printable unicorn journal
plr gnomes calendar templates
gnome printable journal
2022 printable calendar gnomes

Design your own journal pages.

printable journal
printable journal

Done for You Products Include:

All 2022 Sales Kickstart products come in PDF, 300 DPI PNG format, and are transparent as noted. Every product listed is in an organized and named zipped folder for easy access and use.

  • 7 Done for you printable 2022 calendars
    • Year of the Gnomes
    • Gnome Dogs
    • Year of Ice Cream
    • Year of Ice Cream – Color Monthly Ice Cream Images
    • Floral Ice Cream
    • Year of Unicorns
    • Geometric
  • 5 Coordinating 30 day journals
    • Gnome Dogs
    • Year of Ice cream
    • Year of Ice Cream – Color Ice Cream Images
    • Floral Ice Cream
    • Year of Unicorns
  • 37 Done for you Printable Pages
  • 10 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly Planners
    • 7 Done for you Planners
    • 2 Semi-done Planners, just add your design elements
    • 1 Planner Template
  • 1 6″ x 9″ 300 DPI PNG’s, Transparent Calendar Templates
  • 1 8.5″ x 11″ 300 DPI PNG’s, Transparent Calendar Templates
  • 7 Journals
  • 7 Calendars

  • 534 Total Pages
  • 63 Total Single Products
plr printables, journals ,planners

As you can see this variety bundle is packed with value!

Calendars, journals, planners, and one-page printables are always in season, and your customers are searching for beautiful, unique products that fit their personality and lifestyle.

Let your imagination and creativity go wild, have fun, and see how many varieties of products you can create with these done-for-you products.

The done-for-you products will kickstart your shop and e-commerce platforms in 2022. They will help you build your product list, branding, as you create passive income. The sooner you get your new products loaded onto your shop, and e-commerce platforms the quicker you will start making money online.

Some of the done-for-you products have embossing, 3D, and shadow effects applied where applicable. These effects bring out the WOW factor on product details and make the images POP with color.

All products noted above were created using Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. Mockup of images made with both Canva and Affinity Designer.

plr printables
plr calendar printable

Click here for more details on What you CAN and CANNOT do with these products.

Due to the 2022 Sales Kickstart being an instant digital download, there are NO Refunds.

You will receive an email that contains the download link for your new 2022 Sales Kickstart, you will NOT receive a physical product. 

If you have any questions prior to making your purchase, please send me an email: hello@beautifulplannersandjournals.com.
I want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase.