Adorable Sock Monkey Drag and Drop Undated Calendar

undated calendar

You can offer your customers a dated or undated version of the calendar. The adorable princess images will make little girls happy to use the calendar daily. They can hang the calendar on their wall, put it on their desk. Each month has a different colorful princess. Write their monthly goals, daily homework and the activities they are involved in. You can sell these all year long as dated and undated calendar. Calendars are an evergreen product and there are searches for undated calendars. School year has parents looking for calendars that inspire their children to set goals, become more independent, write down and complete assignments on time. Home school moms are always searching for projects and having the kids write in the calendar dates helps them learn numbers, about how a calendar works, be accountable for their homework assignments and knowing when they have outside activities to attend. The list goes on regarding how the undated and dated princess calendar will inspire girls everywhere. It’s bright and colorful, easy to see the dates on the calendar when written in or add digitally.

The drag and drop undated calendar will save you time and easy to add your own creativity to. You can use almost any graphic software, you can sell year after year, add the dates to each calendar and add the major holidays. Use your imagination and create an unlimited amount of options for your customers.

No Monkey Business, Drag and Drop with Unlimited Combinations


  • 12 – Completed Undated Calendars to Drag and Drop for you to sell
  • 12- Undated Calendars with Sock Money Image 
  • 10 Days of the weeks templated that come in 5 different creative fonts
  • Matching Colorful Stickers


  • Can design using Photoshop, Canva, Affinity Publish and Designer
  • All templated have been checked for alignment to fit the 8.5 x 11inch undated calendar
  • All templates come organized and labeled for easy use
  • Stickers with and without a shadow

Drag and Drop Undated Calendar You Can Create Multiple Combinations so Your Customers Have a Variety to Choose From.

View of undated calendar


days of the weeks drag and drop

view undated calendar

Everyone loves stickers and they can be used as a creative design element you add to the undated calendars. Stickers come with shadow and without.

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