Children’s Make Believe Art Journal

Inspiring Children to use their Creativity and Imagination

childrens make believe art journal

With all the current events going on around the world taking time to create art will help inspire imagination and creativity, and allow children of all ages to escape into their own world. It will also help build communication and to express their feelings as they do creative writing.

Art nourishes their heart and soul as they create this is a fun activity during the summer months and vacation to help keep children entertained.

The make-believe art journal is perfect to print out and allow children to be creative and design their masterpiece using creative pages and stickers.

This new adorable and creative make-believe art journal includes 5??? pages with creative prompts for drawing, doodling, creative writing, and coloring.

Also included are stickers, separate journal and doodle pages. This space can be used to tell a story about their picture.

This adorable and colorful make-believe art journal is sure to be a hit with your customers.

The Many Different Uses

  • Art Teachers
  • Day Care Providers
  • Libraries
  • Art Museums
  • Preschools and Elementary Schools
  • Summer Camp Programs
  • Special Need Programs
  • Arts and Craft Workshops
  • And many more…

Many Opportunities to Offer to Your Customers

  • Etsy Shop
  • Arts and Craft Shops
  • KDP Amazon
  • Offer as an opt-in to grow your email list
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Your Website
  • Your email list
  • Ecommerce platforms you use to promote your products

Each art journal page comes with a creative prompt that allows children to have fun being creative and expressive.

Editable and Customizable Canva Template

PLR/Commercial Use

Your customers can print only the pages they want to do

Will keep children entertained for hours and once they complete one art journal they can pick their favorite creative pages and start creating another art journal. They can see how they have grown as an artist along with applying new techniques they have learned from their school art classes.

From preschool to high school, even adults will enjoy using the creative pages with creative drawing prompts to expand their imagination and creativity, and grow as an artist.

Examples of creative prompts are: draw an alligator ice skating as he eats ice cream; draw aliens exercising on Mars; draw your favorite animal taking a picture of a rainbow; draw ants playing in a rock band wearing swimming suits; and so many more. Also included are 30 extra creative art prompts that allow you to mix and match or add more creative pages.

What’s included:

  • 11″ x 8.5″ Landscape
  • 30 Creative Prompts
  • Total Pages
  • 3 different sections of creativity pages
    • Drawing Creative Scenes
    • Create Art Together
    • Creativity and Imagination
  • #of stickers and design elements
  • Borders
  • Journal and Doodle Pages
  • 21 Colorful Cover Pages
  • 3 Belong to Pages
  • PLR/Commercial Use
  • Canva Editable Template
  • PowerPoint Editable Template
children art journal plr

All for ONLY $27.

children's make believe art journal
children's make believe art journal

Colorful, bright, and cheery cover and belong to pages.

Mix and Match the covers and belong to pages for a variety of products your customers can choose from.

children's make believe art journal
Cover and Belong to pages

Stickers and Design Elements

Mix and Match the stickers, borders, and dividers to create your own unique pages, placing them on the assortment of creative pages.


As a bonus, there is two sets of stickers, borders, and dividers.

One set has no design effects applied to them, the second set has design effects applied to them. Adding effects such as embossing, 3D, and shadows allows the stickers to stand out and give the design elements depth.

You can mix and match both sets to create unique and creative POD (Print On Demand), printables, and digital products.

Children will have fun using the variety of stickers, borders, and dividers when creating their drawings in the Make-Believe Art Journal. It will keep them entertained for hours.

children's make believe art journal
Stickers and Design Elements

A variety of colorful borders and decorative dividers.

Children can use these to add

Mix and match these borders and dividers to add more color and creativity to products for your customers. There are so many different design possibilities for unique and creative products.

Once you see all the colorful design elements included in the Make-Believe Art Journal you will want to create your own.

Blue Box is to display design elements.

PLR/Commercial Use License for the Make Believe Art Journal allows you to sell the journals you create. They need to be sold as PDF files and you may not include any of the original source files/Powerpoint files. Please follow all copyright laws for images.

For only $27!

Are you looking to purchase the Make Believe Art Journal for personal use only?

Are you just wanting to purchase this adorable and colorful Make Believe Art Journal for personal usage, and you don’t need the PLR/Commerical Usage license? I have you covered.


  • 2 PDF’s
  • Stickers, borders, & dividers
  • Personal Use Only

This art journal will make a great gift for inspiring young artists of all ages.

For ONLY $7


Due to the product being an instant digital download, there are NO REFUNDS.

Once you make your purchase you will receive a download link that contains the product along with links to the Canva templates, you will NOT receive a physical product. 

If you have any questions prior to making your purchase, please send me an email:
I want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase.

PLR/Commercial usage

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