printable journal templates
printable journal templates

Children and adults of all ages will be inspired and motivated to plan their activities, and journal daily as they use these beautiful, colorful, and adorable journals.

Who says we need to write on plain white paper, let’s add beautiful and motivating colors to your daily life.

Allows children of all ages to have their own calendar, know what their responsibilities are, write and achieve their homework goals, plus write their gratitude list.

You can mix and match the different journals, calendars, and covers for a variety of inspirational and colorful products.

Jungle Babies Journals

Four Done For You Journals

All you have to do is add your branding and upload it to your shop and e-commerce platforms, and start creating passive income streams. Your customers of all ages will enjoy the variety of these beautiful journals.

Adorable Jungle Babies Journal done-for-you.
Done-for-you journal.
Done-for-you journal.

The Jungle Babies Combo Package is ONLY $37!

Jungle Babies Coordinating Calendars

Done For You

The done for you calendar comes as 2022, 2023, and or a 20-month calendar. You can decide how you want to use them. Sell them separately, as a printable or digital calendar, and/or add them to a journal.

They also come with a transparent background for you to add your own backgrounds.

You have unlimited product possibilities using the calendars and journal pages together or separately. All you have to do is add your creativity, and branding, then upload them to your e-commerce platforms. Easy Peasy.

printable calendar templates
2022 Calendar May-December.
2023 Calendar January to December.

Jungle Babies Stickers

70 beautiful stickers! You can add stickers to create your own unique journal and planner pages.

printable planner stickers
printable planner templates
printable planner stickers
Images to show details – not actual size.

Here is a list of ALL the Content included:

  • Calendars come in 8.5″ x 11″ size
  • Journal pages come in 8.5″ x 11″ and 6″ x 9″ sizes
  • 4 Done-for-you journals – come in PDF
  • Calendars come in PDF, PNG, JPEG
  • Journal Pages, Calendars, and stickers come in transparent – to add your own design elements and backgrounds
  • Done-for-you Front Covers
  • Do-it-yourself Front Covers
  • Done-for-you Back Covers
  • 27 Total Front and Back Covers
  • 70 Stickers – PNG (Transparent)
  • 45 Unique Journal Pages
  • BONUS: 31 Planner Pages
  • The product folder is labeled and organized for ease of use
  • PLR/Commercial Use

The added effects on the calendar and journal pages make the design elements stand out. Your print-on-demand customers will enjoy writing on these inspirational and elegant calendars and journal pages.

The PNG’s, JPEG’s, and PDF’s can be uploaded to PowerPoint, Canva, or your favorite graphics software to add your own design elements, branding, creativity, mix and match the journal pages, and/or add the calendar months to make 30/60/90 day journals. These are just a few creative ideas you can do with the gorgeous jungle babies combo package.

All for ONLY $37!

printable journal templates
printable journal templates

Unlimited Printable & Digital Product Possibilities:

  • Combine, mix and match the journal pages for unique products.
  • Combine, mix and match the journal pages with the calendars.
  • Give a gift to your valuable customers, everyone loves unexpected gifts, plus they feel appreciated.
  • Sell the journals and calendars, as a mini bundle product and add a 30/60/90-day journal as an unexpected gift.
  • Do a survey with your customers and give one of the products as a thank you gift, to those who return the survey filled in.
  • Great way to get to know what your customers want, their likes, dislikes, and needs are.
  • Add gratitude, a quote, bible verses, and or affirmation prompts to the done-for-you journal pages.
  • Print several of these done-for-you products to sell at craft, business, school, or speaking events.
  • Give as gifts – go to your local office supply store and have them printed on heavy textured stationery paper – a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Use for yourself and/or create a personal gift for that special person in your life.
  • Schedule products to publish weekly, biweekly, or monthly to consistently build your brand, and passive income streams.
  • Great way to quickly build up and kickstart your shop and e-commerce platforms with products already done for you.
  • Combine and repurpose with other templates you invested in.
  • Turn these into print-on-demand products.
  • Turn these into digital planner pages using the JPEG’s included.
  • Create marketing materials using the product images.
  • Continue to build your email list, offering one of the done for you products as a lead magnet.

Done-for-you products allow you time to promote and market the products you have in your shop and e-commerce platforms.

Think about all the time you will save using these beautiful-eye candy done-for-you products.

Let someone else do the creating as you promote, sell and make money online.

The possibilities are unlimited…

Look at these BONUS Planner Pages

Who doesn’t like bonuses!

As I was creating the journal and calendars I enjoyed working with the colorful and adorable graphic images, they are inspirational, beautiful, and bring out a variety of creative ideas for products.

The planner templates are high quality and professionally designed using Affinity Publisher – a graphic software. Using the effects of 3D, embossing, using textures, and adding shadows make the journals, calendars, and planner pages eye-popping.

The do-it-yourself planner pages templates…

daily planner templates

Go from blank templates to stunning colorful journals, planners, and calendars in a short amount of time.

Beautiful and Inspirational Planner Pages

These planner pages can be used by adults and children. Using the PNG Stickers included in the package you can create your own uniques planner pages. Sell them as printables and or digital planner pages.

The images pop off the pages with the embossing, shadowing, textures, and 3D effects used.

The jungle babies combo package has unlimited gorgeous, eye-candy, and unique product possibilities.

The PNG’s, JPEG’s, and PDF’s can be uploaded to PowerPoint, Canva, or your favorite graphics software to add your own branding, creativity, and design elements.

These done-for-you planner pages are included.

printable planner templates
printable daily templates

Grow your email list using these done-for-you planner, journal, and calendar pages when submitting or contributing to bundles, giveaways, and events. Mix and match to make your own unique product.

printable planner templates
printable planner templates

Variety of Beautiful Journal Pages

Mix and Match the journal pages to create a variety of options for your customers.

Done For You and Do It Yourself Front and Back Covers

The Jungle Babies Combo Package is ONLY $37!

The jungle babies journals, calendars, and the bonus planner pages combo package are loaded with lots of great value. It has everything you need to build your store and e-commerce platforms with the done-for-you products, all you need to do is add your branding and start selling.

Due to the product’s instant download, there are NO REFUNDS.

If you have any questions prior to your purchase please contact me at I want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase of my products.