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Are You Frustrated Not Knowing How to Contribute to Bundles, Giveaways, & Events
Do You Feel...

  • you are missing income and business growth opportunities?
  • frustrated, not knowing how to create an opt-in, squeeze page to build your email list?
  • afraid of making a mistake, and being judged?
  • frustrated with technology?
  • you don’t know what market or audience you are servicing?
  • technically challenged?
  • your product or service isn’t good enough to be in a bundle?
  • you lack the confidence to be a contributor?
  • you lack what action steps to follow?
  • you lack the knowledge on what tasks need to be accomplished?
  • you lack guidance and support, someone who can and will answer questions you have, as you go through the process?

Actual Questions I Received From Frustrated Entrepreneurs


If you said YES to any of the above questions, you are in the right place. 

What if you could confidently,

  • contribute to bundles, giveaways, and events.
  • build a targeted email list, and grow your business.
  • know and understand what an opt-in and squeeze page are.
  • create and setup your opt-in and/or squeeze. 
  • know who your target audience and market are.
  • know how to set up, and use an email auto-responder.
  • build your simple sales funnel.
  • automate your welcome sequence.
  • automate delivering your product or service to your new subscriber.
  • follow and implement a step-by-step plan to contribute to bundles, giveaway, and events.
  • know you have support through the whole process.

Welcome To...

This Live Two-Day intensive and interactive workshop will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know and implement to contribute to bundles, giveaways, and events. You will finish the workshop having the confidence, and working knowledge to implement and accomplish each action step, and tasks to be a RockStar Contributor.

  • Live Two-Day Intensive and Interactive workshop that will teach you everything you need to implement, to contribute to bundles, giveaways, and events.
  • Two-Weeks of email coaching to get your questions answered efficiently and effectively, plus, help and support implementing the workshop.
  • Included is a detailed workbook that contains step-by-step directions, worksheets, and templates to guide you through implementing the process.
  • You will learn how to streamline the contribution process, to make it easy for the host, your new subscribers, and you.
  • What not to do as a contributor, and maintain your RockStar Contributor status.
  • The workshop will be recorded and located in your member’s area.
  • Lifetime access and any updates that may be done are included.

What You will Learn Day One

• Know ALL the tasks needed to be accomplished – from beginning to end.
• How you will create your new product or service.
• What your goals are – what are you going to achieve?
• What your product description will be for the bundle’s sales page.
• How to offer bonuses – are you going to create a bonus?
• What is the value of your product and bonus.
• What to do with your product after the bundle sale is over.
• Know your audience and target market.
• How to be an awesome contributor.
• What image sizes are needed for the bundle’s sales page.
• What the image size is for your email responder.
• How to be an affiliate.
• AND so much more.

What You Will Learn Day Two

  • What an opt-in or squeeze page is.
  • How to set up your opt-in or squeeze page
  • How to use cloud storage for automated delivery of your product. 
  • How to automate your welcome email sequences.
  • How to set up your simple sales funnel.
  • How to properly set up, and organize your zip files for the end-user.
  • How to create your sales funnel using your email responder.
  • At the end of each training there will be time for Q&A.
  • A PDF, worksheets, and templates will be provided, so you can easily complete each task of the process.

Step-by-Step Guidebook and Templates

bundle, printable

As you can see, How to be a RockStar Contributor is value packed. 

The price of the workshop is only $57.


If you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to email Christina at:

Look What Others Have Said

I like Christina's teaching style. She is meticulous and detailed with the topic she is teaching. She knows, uses and understands her topic. She is passionate about supporting those who attend her workshops. She makes sure each participant understands and can implement the training.
bundle, printable
Gerrie C.
Moon Flower Digitals
A big part of growing a successful business is being able to show up consistently, and with Christina's strategies I feel confident that I can grow my product offerings, and have time to promote them. Thanks to Christina's workshop, I now have four product launches scheduled to promote.
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Catherine B.
Content Accelerators
It helped me cement a time line to create my first product. I've managed to get one created and a beta program launch planned.The templates and forms you provided are invaluable.
printable journals
Jenn K.
Product Creative
Actually, my expectations were far exceeded with the wealth of information that was provided by Christina on this industry; along with the welcoming spirit, help and patience from the other beta testers who participated in the program as I was completely new to the industry and had many things to learn, including the language that is used in the industry. I feel that I now have a new community who will help to support me in my journey as I learn and grow in this marketplace
how to create planners
Erin P.
Energy Frequency Healing & Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the workshop be held?

As soon as you sign up you will receive a PDF with all the information. The How to be a RockStar Contributor Live workshop will be held on Zoom. The Zoom link will be set out the day before, along with the workbook and templates.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for creatives and entrepneneurs to learn how to contribute to bundles, giveaways, and events. This will allow them to start building and growing their email list, and grow their business. It is for those who are action takers and will take the knowledge from the workshop and implement it.

How will this help me grow my business?

This is a highly requested workshop because creatives and entrepreneurs know that contributing to a bundle, giveaway, and an event is an excellent way to get visible, gain creditability, and network with like-minded people. It will help you grow your confidence, and start getting you visible on the marketplace. You can start building or growing your email list. 

What is the two-week email couching?

The two-week email coaching starts the day after the workshop. I will be available to answer your questions, and help you implement the training.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Do you have a guarantee?

I haven't had an unsatisfied customer yet. Yes, for workshops I have a 7 - day guarantee, no questions asked. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with a product, please send an email to for a full refund.

How will the workshop be delivered?

The workshop will be delivered through my membership. The videos and all documents pertaining to the workshop will be housed there. Once you sign up you will receive your login access.

Confidence is Empowering Yourself

bundle, printable

Guaranteed Satisfaction

7 – Days Satisfaction Guaranteed – No questions asked.

If you find that the How to be a RockStar Contributor doesn’t meet your needs, or meets your expectations. Please send an email within 7 – days of your purchase, and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Thanks for trusting me to serve you and your business needs.