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Does Email List Building Look and Feel Like A Puzzle?

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out ALL the different moving parts to building an email list?

Are there times you are reading the setup documentation steps and it ALL reads like Greek?

Are you trying to figure out what email service provider will fit your side hustle needs? 

Asking yourself, “Where do I start?”

Not having an email marketing strategy or how to create one.

You cannot figure out how to connect your email service provider to your website?

Do I use a HTML Code or a Hosted Link?

By the way, what is an integration?

What is HTML code? 

What is an Email Campaign? Or, is it a Sales Funnel?

Spent hours on the phone with tech support, to hang up more confused.

I’m not a web designer, I’m a creative trying to share my passion with others!


Unfortunately, I can keep adding to the list of overwhelm, frustrations, fear and lack of strategy that comes with building an email list.

It is what all the “gurus” tell you to do, start building your list!

I understand, and I have been there.

Guess what, ALL the gurus have been there also! 

Yes, they have, but they will not admit it, assuming they are afraid their “Geek or Nerdy” card might be taken away.

How Would Your Side Hustle Look If You Had An Email Marketing Strategy That Matched Your Creativity?

Dear Entrepreneur,

Whether you are struggling to build your email list or just simply unable to increase your profits from the list you already have.

Make sure to read this letter from top to bottom and pay attention to every single word on this page because what I’m about to reveal to you is guaranteed to increase your email list building, engagement with your subscribers, productivity and profits.

But before I reveal all the important details let’s figure out…

Why Your Email List Is The Most Important Asset Any Business Can Have?

Let’s start with one simple fact…

Even though everyone’s buzzing about social media and how great it is, the fact remains that when it comes to your return on investment (ROI) and customer acquisition… NOTHING compares to email marketing.

I’m sure you have heard, “the money is in the list.”

On top of that, it’s easy, effective, and super inexpensive.

But if it’s so great and cost-effective, then why are there so many people struggling to make a profit with email marketing?

The answer is simple…

Most Entrepreneurs Do Email Marketing WRONG!

Most Entrepreneurs DON’T know how to build an email list… And profitably….

Most Entrepreneurs DON’T know how to write an email that gets opened… And get the reader to take action….

And more importantly…

They DON’T have the slightest clue what’s the right way to sell their products and services via email.

But YOU will…

Imagine Being Empowered by the Perfect Email Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy That Helps Grow Your Email List, Increases Your Productivity and Profits.

Introducing Email Marketing Sales Funnel Live Training

  • This ONE Training alone can literally alter the course of your side hustle… transforming you into a premium brand that people crave to be associated with.
  • You can finally focus on creating products that your customers want and need, knowing you have your email marketing strategy working for you.
  • Nothing is left to chance or guessing – On top of the TOP QUALITY LIVE TRAINING’S, you also get additional resources that will help you to stay focused and on task,  so you get your desired results online!

Why You Need To Grab This Email Marketing Sales Funnel Live Training Today.


Here is what will be covered in the Two-90 minute LIVE Training’s.

  • How to connect your email service provider to your website.
  • Know which email provider is right for you
  • Discover THIS ONE Email Marketing Strategy That Can Completely Alter The Course Of Your Side Hustle.
  • Find Out How You Can Build An Email List, Increase Your Productivity and Profits!
  • Learn How You Can Build a Relationship With Your List So That They buy From You Instead Of Your Competitors!
  • Discover How You Can Earn More Profits From Your Current Email list.
  • How to Put ALL those Moving Pieces Together.
  • Build Your Email Marketing Sales Funnel from BEGINNING to END using the EMAIL MARKETING SALES FUNNEL PLANNER.
  • And MORE…

This training with be interactive.

This training will be recorded.

You get all this in Two -90 minute LIVE Email Marketing Sales Funnel Training’s

For ONE small price of $47!

Why Get This Training?

What makes the Email Marketing Sales Funnel Training different from all the other training’s you have taken:

In these Two-90 Minute, LIVE TRAINING’S, you will be creating your complete email sales funnel and welcome sequence using the EMAIL MARKETING SALES FUNNEL PLANNER I contributed to the START YOUR SIDE HUSTLE GIVEAWAY.

I will be teaching you the skills, strategies & tools you need to grow your email list and make more sales and grow your side hustle with my support.

I will not waste your time!

I’m not known for fluff. I will get right to the training and immediately share the systems, strategies and tools to help reach your email marketing goals.


No attendee will be left behind! I will ensure that before any attendee leaves the training’s they have an Email Marketing Sales Funnel planned out and ready to implement.

I will ensure that there is a communication channel that you can reach me, to ensure you have the *best possible outcome.

Easy To Follow And Simple To Implement.

I have made the mistakes so you do not have to, and I had the fear of being seen and making a fool out of myself. 

It is my mission to empower and inspire others, to make things easier for you, which is why I deliver action plans that are straight forward, and easy to implement.

So if you are interested, I only ask that you please act now.

*I can teach you how to create your Email Marketing Sales Funnel and how to write your Email Welcome Sequence, BUT you have to implement what is taught, and what you learned.

This Email Marketing Sales Funnel Training is NOT for everyone. If you are NOT:

An action taker.

Does not like working in a group setting.

Does not play nice in a group setting.

What's Next

What Happens If You Choose Not to Get This Amazing LIMITED TIME Offer?

Well, I guess the answer is simple…


You will keep on wasting countless hours doing mind-numbing research, joining FREE groups, and tapping away your precious time at the keyboard and continue to get the same results you’ve been getting…And nothing will change.
If you’re okay with that… then, of course, you should pass on this.

BUT, if you want to finally get results online, grow your email list, and boost your income… then I highly recommend you jump at this chance and grab this training RIGHT NOW.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, being offered during the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway, and it will not be offered at this low price again.

Ready To Take Actions

to build your email list, increase your productivity and profits…

you are done playing small due to the lack of knowledge, skills and an email marketing strategy…

start building a profitable side hustle…

to create your email marketing sales funnel and write your welcome sequence to your new subscribers…


It’s time for YOU to click the “Yes, I want the Training!” button.

For ONLY a one time price of $47, you will have a completed email marketing sales funnel, and a written welcome sequence to send your new subscribers, after you leave the training’s.

The training’s WILL be recorded.

This means that after the LIVE Training’s you can implement your new email marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Quentions

How much for all this? For a ONE time price of $47. The price will go up to $67.

Do you have a refund policy? I do offer a refund up to 24 hours prior to the first LIVE Training. After that time, there will be NO REFUNDS due to how the training is delivered.

Why so inexpensive? It is a great price! For this type of interactive training’s. This is a LIMITED TIME offer during the START YOUR SIDE HUSTLE GIVEAWAY, from Sept. 10th to Sept. 18th. Once the giveaway ends the price will go up to $67.

How are the training’s delivered? After you purchase the training’s, you will receive a PDF with all the instructions. The training will be on Zoom, with the capability to ask questions and get immediate answers. The training will be recorded.

How can we reach you if I still have questions? Send an email to  

What if I don’t have a product to promote? That’s Ok, you can still start building an email list without a product or a website, and still make money.

Is this PLR?  No this is not PLR  – 

Done for You Email Welcome Sequence


Limited Time Offer For This SWEET Offer

It’s time to start building your email list, engaging with your subscribers and increase your productivity and profits with the EMAIL WELCOME SEQUENCES!