Creating a Side Hustle By Blogging

Are you thinking about starting a side hustle and trying to make money online? The pandemic and sadly, people losing their employment has sparked a greater interest regarding making money online. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to take advantage of the technology available to us, so you can start your own income-producing side hustle, by creating a blog.

Some people take to running a side hustle online from blogging and make a decent income. This is due to them because discovering and learning how to manage their blog like a full-time business, as opposed to just occasionally publishing a post that you share with a small group of friends on social media. It’s hard to know if you will love, as opposed to loathing blogging if you’ve never done it before.

 However, there are definitely a few good indications based on your online habits.

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Here are a Few Tips to Know if Blogging will be a Good Side Hustle for You

Here is how to tell if you will enjoy, or be good at running an income-generating blog as a side hustle online:


  • Love to share tips and information. Are you known to type out long and detailed posts on social media sites like Facebook?
  • Has your personal story unfolded like a popular reality TV show that people tune in to read about or watch online? If you are already inclined to share online, then it’s likely that you can easily make the transition to blogging.
  • Comfortable using technology, and tend to be a quick learner. People who don’t mind logging in and out of different sites, having lots of windows open on their computers, copying and pasting links and blurbs of text, and have a good handle on basic word processing programs such as MS Word, will likely take to blogging.
  • Writing comes easily to you and is your jam. People who love to write will likely enjoy blogging. If you tend to write long and detailed emails, type out social media posts that you enjoy posting, and/or are likely to correspond with people via email, then making the transition to blogging will be fairly simple and feel natural to you.

Why Start a Blog

One good reason to start a blog is to help other people learn things that you already know and have experience with. Ask yourself these questions: What are you an expert in? What do you like to offer helpful advice about? What skills do you have? What have you learned in the corporate working environment that will help others? Your blog can be about anything that interests you, write about your hobby, what you consider yourself an expert and skilled in and have a passion for.

What qualifies you to be an expert? If you have experience in something, or if you have mastered a skill, then you can likely transition into expert blogger mode and cover the topic in great detail. 

TIP: Having a passion for your topic will help you stay focused on building your income-generating blog.

Most people are sharing online in some capacity or another. If you already share carefully written posts, upload and share content to YouTube, Facebook, or popular social media platforms, then you might as well take it a few steps further, and set things up to build your income-generating side hustle. You will generate income by teaching others, talking about what you know to those who are like-minded.

What type of special interest and income-generating blog can you run? That of course depends on what you like to talk and write about, what you have expertise and skills in. The more prepared you are to produce blog posts and other types of content at a fairly rapid pace, the more appealing this will be to your readers or followers, and by doing this, you will gain raving followers online who know, like, and trust you.

What are the basic, income-generating elements that you should have in place if you plan to make money by sharing content online?

Google Adsense, or another form of pay-per-click advertising. You’ve probably noticed that most prolific bloggers, whether they operate as an individual, or a company, have ads that show up in various spots on their blogs. The ads generate small payments each time people click on them.

TIP: Be mindful when placing Ads on your site. Have you visited a blog and Ads start popping up as you are reading? Having them pop up and getting in the way of visitors reading your content can be annoying

You can recommend products that relate to your topic or niche and each time someone purchases through your link you make a commission.

Ebook sales. You can write, publish and sell your own helpful ebooks. This will take a bit more time, but how much time and how much you sell your ebook for depends on the amount of work you put in at the outset.

Why blog? Why not just keep sharing on Facebook? Mainly a blog can be the home base for everything you share online, it is your little piece of the internet real estate. All of the links that you post on different sites, including Facebook, YouTube if you post and share videos, and share via email each time you connect with your readers, should lead back to your blog.