Beautiful and inspirational Flamingo Gratitude and Lined Journals.

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Colorful and Inspirational Flamingo Gratitude Journal

This is Not Your Average done for you Gratitude Journal. It provides inspiration, motivation, and a simple way to practice daily gratitude and journaling, as it can positively impact one’s life.

It offers beautiful well-designed done for you gratitude, and lined journal pages for practicing daily gratitude and journaling.

Gratitude and Journaling, according to research shows it can:

  • INCREASE HAPPINESS – that journaling about what you are thankful for can increase your long-term happiness. 
  • IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH –  a more grateful a person is, the more likely they are to take care of themselves.
  • GET INSPIRED –  will help you to take time to think, and positively frame your thoughts and feelings before starting the day.
  • INCREASE SELF-ESTEEM – gratitude can help you feel better about current circumstances, which then lead to feeling better about yourself.
  • BECOME SELF-AWARE –  invites self-reflection to help know yourself better, and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Just think about how the world would look if we were all more grateful for what we already have. Let's promote more GRATITUDE.

Flamingo Gratitude Journal

10 unique designed gratitude journal pages

3 beautiful cover pages

1 belong to page

Completely done for you gratitude journal

Flamingo Lined Journal

10 unique designed lined journal pages

3 beautiful journal covers

1 belongs to page

Completely done for you lined journal

Both these done for you Colorful and Inspirational Flamingo journals are ready for you to brand, and sell on your e-commerce platforms.

Why this Flamingo Gratitude Journal Pack?

This Flamingo Journal pack is two journals in one. I had so much fun making this journal pack, and I am so excited to share it with you.  The colors are inspirational and motivational, and has a calming affect when writing. 


When printed out on nice linen, cream color stationery paper it looks and feels elegant and sophisticated, with the detailed textures showing and popping on the journal pages.  There is no limit to the creativity you can add when creating new beautiful and unique gratitude or lined journals for your customers.

Think of how your customers will feel as they write on these unique, colorful, inspirational, and motivational gratitude and lined journal pages.

These two done for you journal make the perfect gift for those in your life who love to journal, and especially love pretty journal pages to write on. It is a gift that keeps on giving, for they can download as many copies as they want and need.


What's Included in this Done for You Journal Pack

Stickers or WordArt

34  – Total stickers included – 17 Embossed and 17 – Non Embossed Stickers

What are the Quotes, Insert Pages and WordArt Included

There are so many different terms in the Printable, PLR, design, and creative world, and sometimes I cannot figure out what the names are when explaining or describing what is included in my products.  So to clear up any confusion, I will explain what they mean to me, and how they relate to the products I create for you.

  • Quotes are empowering words, or statements that are on prompts pages, stickers, so you can arrange on the journal pages. 
  • Insert Pages are pages you can add between or break up sections of a journal. They have quotes and/or empowering words on the pages.
  • WordArt is basically stickers you can add as embellishments or design elements to your journal pages.
They all come in PNG, JPEG and separated individually so you can mix and match and use your own creativity to create new journal pages. All done for your journals and design elements can be printed and or used in digital format. 

Snap Shot of the Journal Product

8.5 x 11 size

10 unique and beautiful designed lined journal pages

10  unique and beautiful designed gratitude journal pages

34 Total -Coordinating stickers – Wordart

30 – Bonus insert pages with quotes, Wordart, and small design elements on journal pages

PNG, JPEG, PDF format

3 coordinating covers for the gratitude journal

3 coordinating covers for the lined journal

1 belongs to page for the gratitude journal

1 belongs to page for the lined journal



These design elements work with Canva, Photoshop, PicMonkey, Affinity Publisher or Designer, or any other graphic software to create new and unique products from this Journal Pack
Gratitude and Lined Journals are an EVERGREEN product. Once you brand and upload the done for you journals to your e-commerce, you will not have to make any changes and allow it to make sales for years to come.

Bonus Page Inserts

What can you create with all these colorful and inspirational design elements and journal pages.

There are unlimited creative possibilities when creating a new product for your customer’s wants and needs. For example: take the journal pages in the PNG format and add background colors, add Wordart (stickers), a quote and you have new journal pages. Take the JPEG format and add the Wordart and quotes and you have new journal pages with your unique style and creativity.

I made these pages using Canva and PicMonkey.

printables, journals ,planners

You can buy the Journal Pack for yourself, and download it as many times as you want and need.

You can use this journal package yourself all year long.  Print it out on stationery paper that shows the beautiful textures in the flamingo graphics. Elegant and sophisticated when printed out.

This an immediate digital download, NO product will be shipped to you. There are no refunds due to the nature of the product. Please feel free to contact me prior to your purchase. My goal is to make my customers happy and excited with every purchase they make.

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