Vision Board Planner

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What is a Vision Board Planner?

A vision board is a powerful tool, that helps you focus on creating and living the life you dream of.

It is an inspirational and motivational collage of images, quotes, affirmations, and words representing a person’s dreams or goals.

What is the purpose of a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a collage of inspirational and motivational images and words that you display in a prominent area to remind you WHY you do what you do every day.

These images and words spark your motivation and remind you of your core values, goals, dreams, and desires.

What are Life Focus Areas?

Life Focus Areas are the areas we work on daily to balance our life.

The eight areas to focus on are:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Wealth
  • Spirituality
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Personal Growth
  • Career

Focus Areas have questions that help you get to know your dreams and desires on a deeper level.

It will keep you focused, and on target to achieve and manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

It’s laid out to help you get to know yourself and what your dreams and desires are on an exciting and deeper level. This planner takes you from knowing what you want YOUR reality to be, clearing limiting beliefs, to creating your vision board. 

And, soon you will be manifesting on automatic.

Vision Board Planner and Editable Canva Templates

The Vision Board Planner is beautifully and elegantly designed. Created using a cohesive color palette and design elements being warm, soothing, and inspirational. Font pairing for style and readability.

The Vision Board Planner is designed to walk your clients and customers through the process of creating a Vision Board that kick-starts them manifesting their dream lifestyle into reality.

Designed and created with the end-user in mind, to easily create and design a Vision Board that flows naturally as they manifest the life they dream, desire, and deserve.

As your customers and clients continue to use the Vision Board Planner they will be getting into a natural state of flow. By doing the daily gratitude, goals, and action steps, they start building healthy manifesting habits.

Overview of the Vision Board Planner Pages
vision board planner canva
Overview of the Vision Board Planner

Included in the Printable & Editable Vision Board Planner

  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 44 Page Vision Board Planner / Non-dated
  • 1 Editable Canva Template with Vision Board Images
  • 1 Editable Canva Template with Image Placeholders
  • 5 Front Cover Pages
  • 1 Belongs to Page
  • 2 Done for you PDF’s
  • PNGs of Vision Board Planner Pages
  • JPegs of Vision Board Planner Pages
  • 60 Stickers – Transparent PNGs
  • 3 Animated Quote Pages
  • 7 Quote Pages
  • 1 Page with Color Palette information
  • 1 Page with Fonts used information
  • Organized and labeled product folders
  • PLR/Commercial Use
  • 14 Written Social Media Posts/Prompts
  • 20 Powerful Affirmations
  • 8 Manifestation Checks
editable canva templates

Vision Board Planner Pages Included

plr canva templates

  • Table of Contents
  • Image of Myself
  • Commitment Letter
  • 2 Bucket List
  • Life Planner
  • Vision Board
  • Main Vision Board Image
  • Total of 8 Life Focus
  • Total of 8 Image
  • Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Planner
  • Goals
  • Goals Achieved
  • Daily Action Step
  • Daily Journal
  • 1 – 28 Day Self Care Challenge
  • Daily Wisdom
  • Focus Life
  • 3 Animated Quote
  • 2 Notes Pages
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • 8 Manifestation Checks

5 Beautiful Editable Front Covers and Belongs to Page

canva editable templates

Comes with Images

canva printable template

Comes with Editable Image Placeholders

plr canva templates

Editable Vision Board Focus Areas

Editable Vision Board Pages

plr vision board templates

Vision Board Planner is fully editable using the Canva Templates. You will receive a PDF with two Canva template links to the Vision Board Planner. Product folders, PDFs, Images, and template pages are clearly labeled and organized for easy access and use.

Two Editable Canva Templates

plr canva vision board templates

Editable Front Covers

plr canva editable templates

Manifestation Checks

The manifestation checks are used to write yourself a check in the amount of money you will receive from the Universe. Doing this exercise is motivating and exciting as you are sending out positive high-frequency vibrations. You are telling the Universe you believe and are ready to receive abundance in your life.

manifestation vision board checks

60 Printable and Digital Stickers

printable stickers
Display Image

As you can see the Vision Board Planner is loaded with useable and editable content. Every page serves a different purpose when creating a manifesting vision board.

ONLY $47

Ideas on how to repurpose, market, promote, and sell your new products.

  • Continue to build your email list, offering the done for you products as a lead magnet.
  • Add a 30/60/90 day journal.
  • Repurpose the social media prompts in a new journal; sell or give away as a lead magnet.
  • Use the JPEG images to create a digital product.
  • Add gratitude, a quote, bible verses, and or affirmation prompts to the done for you pages.
  • Print several of these done for you products to sell at craft, business, school, or speaking events.
  • Combine and repurpose with other templates you invested in.
  • Offer your customers a group coaching to create their vision board.
  • Give a gift to your valuable customers, everyone loves unexpected gifts, plus they feel appreciated.
  • Give as gifts – go to your local office supply store and have them printed on heavy textured stationery paper – a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Turn the pages into print-on-demand products.
  • Create marketing materials using the product images.
  • Mail to a few of your loyal customers, who doesn’t like getting a surprise in the mail.
  • Use for yourself and/or create a personal gift for that special person in your life.
  • Add a quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly calendar.
  • Rename the product and create a challenge for your audience.

These are just a few ideas.

Think about all the time you will save using done-for-you-created templates and products. Let someone else do the creating as you promote, sell and start making money online.

Using done for you templates, products, and content is a great way to quickly build up and kickstart your shop and e-commerce platforms. They allow you the time necessary to promote and market your products and continue to build your passive income streams.

The possibilities are unlimited…

Just want the Printable Vision Board Planner and Stickers?

Are you looking to use the Vision Board Planner to manifest the life you dream of and do not need all the other content?

I gotcha covered.

You will receive one printable PDF of the Vision Board Planner and 60 Stickers. This is a digital download, and you will have instant access to the Vision Board Planner and Stickers.

The vision board planner pages on this version are left blank so you can add your own quotes, affirmations, words, and images.

Simply print the Vision Board Planner and start creating your Vision Board, to manifest the life you desire, dream, and deserve.

You will NOT receive a physical product.

This is for personal use only.

You deserve to live the life you desire, dream and deserve.

ONLY $27

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds due to the instant access to the Vision Board Planner.

If you have any questions prior to your purchase, please email me at I want you to be a happy and satisfied customer.

What you can and cannot do.

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